Our Facilities/Under Construction

View our site work and foundation work photos

In early 2007, shortly after Global Love In Action had purchased the land for its facilities, we held a week-long meeting in a rented villa in Ecuador for the purpose of planning the overall design and functional layout of the facility.  Over that period we met every day with the architect, about half a dozen missionaries to Ecuador and other persons with professional backgrounds that aided us in the design process.  As ideas were expressed the design changed day by day.  And, of course, the size changed day by day. 
The end result, after a week of intense planning, was the achievement of a building design that has as much or more flexibility in its potential ministry uses than any building any of us has ever seen.  We truly had a team work mentality and prayed for the Lord to guide all decisions.
It is important to understand that our primary ministry area of Ecuador presently has no facilities for protestant missionaries to call "home" when they visit the region on a mission trip.  Our ministry is designed around, but obviously not limited to, providing visiting missionary teams with comforts that take a little of the stress out of what otherwise could be a most difficult environment.  The environment that the mission team members work in while on the field is, to understate it, tough.  We offer a refuge that, at the end of a long productive day, is satisfying both spiritually and physically.
Presently, our facilities are under construction.  Here are some good pictures of the foundation construction work that you can view.  The actual floor plans of the finished project, lower level and upper level, are complete and have been given full Macas, Ecuador city building official approval.  Take time to read the list of amenities or features of each of these page links to get a good idea of the thoroughness with which our Leadership Team has planned our facilities. These are not opulent amenities; instead they are "comfort" amenities that provide cleanliness, sanitation and a friendly resting and meeting environment in those times between excursions to less friendly environments.
Our site plan, as you can see, has fully utilized our site.
Please review all of the above linked pages carefully and consider contributing to the cost of our facilities construction.  We will, we believe, offer visiting mission team participants some truly exceptional amenities (for this part of the world).