Volunteers In Medical Missions (VIMM)

We at Global Love In Action are so pleased that VIMM (Volunteers In Medical Missions) has elected to partner with us by becoming one of our Supported Organizations.  Below is a brief History and Statement of Purpose written by VIMM for inclusion on this page.  Please click on the link (underlined below) to the Volunteers In Medical Missions website or click the icon to the left -- both will take you directly to the VIMM site where you can read more about this fine organizaiton.  We pray you will support their work also. 

Brief History and Statement of Purpose

Many churches have a sincere desire to be involved in addressing the needs of those less fortunate or those who have suffered hard times. Unfortunately, most churches lack sufficient resources to adequately provide for these worthy causes.
Volunteers In Medical Missions has been organized solely for the purpose of assisting Christian service agencies, churches, pastors, and missionaries in the accomplishment of their mission, for the glory of God.
Volunteers in Medical Missions came into existence in 1986. A pastor/doctor from Honduras by the name of Franciso Cruz had visited the United States and described the plight of certain areas of northern Honduras in Central America. The people were without any medical assistance and too poor to travel to the larger cities to obtain help. It was from that cry of desperation that the Spirit of God moved to awaken Stoney Abercrombie, a medical doctor, and Joe Craig, a dentist, to the possibility of a short-term medical missionary expedition to attend to the needs that were described. A few months later the Voluntary Interdenominational Medical Missions program came into being. It later became known as Volunteers in Medical Missions or VIMM.

Our ministry has a long history of being remarkably used of God. Since 1986 more than 300 thousand of the world’s poorest people have received health care and heard the good news of the free pardon of sin through Jesus Christ. In the span of 20 years, $19 million worth of health care has been provided free of charge to some of the world’s neediest people. The numbers are impressive but it is more than numbers. It means that individual lives have been transformed and hope has been given.

In summary, Volunteers in Medical Missions sends short-term medical teams into third world countries to minister in medically deprived areas. This mission experience is a unique opportunity for many to use their medical and professional skills to convey a message of hope and love to forgotten people groups around the world. In developing countries, 65 to 90 percent of the population does not have access to trained medical professionals.

Volunteers in Medical Missions -- Mission Statement

Volunteers in medical Missions will minister to the physical and spiritual needs of children and adults in developing countries throughout the world and will provide opportunities for Christian medical professionals and other volunteers to experience missions firsthand.