Up The Rivers

Below is a hand drawn map done in 2006 by Pastor/Evangelist/Missionary Miller Gonzalez.  This map was drawn to give visual presentation of the immediate mission area in the Amazon Basin that was reachable with “only” a twelve-hour bus ride from Macas which then allowed several hours or days of “river evangelism”.  It should be noted that since the map was drawn the roads to this ministry area have greatly improved and the driving time has been cut in half.

Miller has, over the past six years, become well known in these waters and is often asked to stop and give Bible studies. His primary evangelism tool in that area has been relationship building.  The mission is to glorify God, and his real mission is the business of winning souls to Christ. His trips always result in numerous salvations.
Over 15,000 Shuar Indians have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior since Miller and various mission teams have begun visiting the areas depicted on this little hand drawn map.
Miller and others go “up river” to small communities with names like Puerta Morona, Sevilla, Sucua, Barrio Sur-Land, San Miguel, Majipandi and Shispis Norte.  These communities, and hundreds more, are located throughout the Amazon Jungle – the harvest field is very very large. 
Over a dozen small churches are now established in these little villages – more to be planted we are sure.  Praise The Lord!!
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