Global Love In Action works closely with the person(s) in authority of our partner or supported organizations  in order to schedule and make our facilities available to these supported organizations.  We facilitate our supported organization's mission work efforts by providing to them full use of our facilities lodging, meeting areas, storage areas, preparation and providing of all meals, assisting in their transportation needs, and traveling with them and assisting them in their mission work activities, etc. 
We also actively seek out mission work opportunities for our partners  and advise them of such opportunities.  It is a wonderful thing to see the excitement generated when we find a mission work opportunity that is accepted by one of our partner organizations -- because we know that the work to be done will result in salvations during the actual time the work is being done and/or will provide us invited access to return to the mission work location to conduct evangelism work after a successful mission project.  You can be a part of this work by helping with our ongoing monthly operational costs.  You can click here to make a gift.

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