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This page is about us, but should really be called OUR STORY.  It can be told in short or long versions. We'll give you the short version and as you visit the various pages of this Global Love In Action website the long version will come into focus.
First, this "story" is not about Dean or Ron Johnson, co-founders of Global Love In Action. It is about the miraculous way God answers prayer and puts together a puzzle with seemingly impossible pieces to form a beautiful unique tapestry which displays His hand at work.
The Johnsons have been married for over 35 years and both were serving the Lord in various capacities before they met each other. Their first date was to go to church together. Skip forward several years and they found it apparent that they had different spiritual gifts. Some of Dean's gifts are mercy and hospitality. She is an RN by profession (retired) and has actively participated in over a dozen mission trips (about half medical trips, about half evangelical). Some of Ron's gifts are administration and discernment. He is a general contractor (retired) by profession and has also participated in several mission trips. As CEO of his construction company he built numerous churches at what essentially amounted to "cost" of construction. Since retirement Ron has served the Lord by taking over 3 years to build a large church (for no compensation) and Dean has served the Lord by starting a mission program (that today is very active with a full time Missions Pastor) at one church and revitalizing the missions program at another church. They have taken several mission trips together since their secular retirement.

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